Compu Drive System, 27 Years as a Dynamic Player in the Field of Electronics Prototype Design and Development, we undertaking innovative project assignments solutions for Government, Corporate and Industries in India and Across Countries. CDS sphere of development starts from Home, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office to Industrial Automation Process, applying almost three decade of Expertise and Experience in Electronics, Micro-Controllers, and Mechatronics with in-depth usage of trendy Sensors, we do automation anywhere. The entire process of building the product from Conceptual Design, R&D, Schematic Design,


compu drive system



PCB Design, Mechanical Work, PCB Assembly, MCU Embedded Programming, PC interface & Developing Smartphone Application to the first prototype product formation is all done in house. Our Domain area of Prototypes are based on IoT (Internet of Things), GPS / GSM, Bluetooth, NFC, RF, Mixed Sensors, Robotics, Bio-Medical Instruments & Applications, Analog & Digital Circuit Design, Micro SMD Circuits, Wearable, Microcontrollers, 3D Print, CAD designing, OFC, Solar, Automotive Electronics, Mechatronics, Industrial Control Circuits and Re-engineering of Industrial Electronics Circuits. Even though Prototype designing is a very complicated, expensive and long term process in most of the cases, because perfection, proper functionality, accuracy, miniaturization  and final outlook goes thru step by step process, our company ethos is all about good service, cost effectiveness & excellent quality final product. Currently two of our prototype has gone for US International Patient. We love innovative business people with innovative ideas and help quickly and efficiently visualize their ideas into new product. So if YOU have an innovative idea to get designed, lift the phone and call or Whatsapp us at +91 9831092629.