Compu Drive System 27 Years into Electronics R&D Domain, Engaged in Electronics and Mechatronics Prototype Design and Development from Home to Industry Automation process. We Ignite Your Innovative Dream Ideas to NEW Prototype Product.

Today’s automation process is accepted by mankind in all spears of life from home kitchen to industry. Mechatronics is a combined use of high precision mechanical engineering, complex use electronic circuits and design, using of microcontrollers & microprocessors, computer interface, IoT development, Smartphone application, depth usage of electronics sensors & actuator to improve products & processes.

When it comes to innovation, prototype design or re-engineering industrial automation process, we have been the pioneer to this domain. 


Our Domains of Expertise are as follows

Automation Solutions, GPS/Tracking Solutions, Wireless Controls, Smartphone Connected Devices (IoT Based Application), Healthcare / Medical Products based on Electronic Sensors, Automotive Products, Drones/Robotics & Mechatronics, Analog & Digital Circuit Schematics, Product Design, Gerber Artwork and Layout Design, Embedded Systems Firmware & Micro Controller Programming, Embedded Systems Software Design, User-Interface Development, PCB design and assembly (PTH/SMD), & Engineering College Projects.

If you are looking to develop and launch a new technology, proof of concept or product in any one of the above given domains or similar areas lets meet and chat.

For more information about our development division feel free to fill the Development Enquiry Form given below or give us a call at +91 9831092629. We will look forward to hear from you.