The magician behind the success of CDS is Mr. Sandip Golani.

With tools of hard work, a far sighted vision and a zeal to make a magical difference in the field of electronics and mechatronics prototype design of new prototype products.  Mr Sandip Golani , the founder of CDS, has woven a comprehensive network of skilled professionals.

CDS is a one stop company for prototype development and repair industrial equipment because of its complete in-house tools & gadgets in mechanical & electronics divisions. With such a vision to accomplish his wings, gradually over the globe, Mr Sandip Golani, is well established within his field globally.

Being a BE Electronics, with a vast expertise in the field of Technology, he is the back bone of CDS. With an array of Diplomas in Entertainment Electronics, Power Electronics, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Automobile Engineering and Microcontroller & PC Interfacing, he is the one stop solution for any technical repairs one may need. Repairing is his passion and he creates magical solutions when one cannot find any!!

If such a colorful profile wasn’t enough, Mr Sandip also holds a B.Music (Sitar) under his belt and joyfully, yet humbly helps change the lives of many who join him.

Often as a recreation, Mr Sandip also performs Closup Magic and creates unbelievable tricks leaving many surprised.

But as they say “Behind every successful man there’s a woman”, so Mr. Sandip’s success is largely attributed to his wife Mrs. Tapti Golani who takes care of the complete administration and financial part of his strong empire. With a BSc degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Science, she is a complete woman helping her husband flourish in his business as well as being an efficient wife and mother.

Together, the Golanis are short of touching the skies with their dedication, skills and hard work.

Join them to reach the magical world of success.



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