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Established in the year 1992 at Kolkata, Compu Drive System (CDS) has reached pinnacles of success, in the field of electronics and micro-controller training. A highly proclaimed small organization by itself, CDS endeavors to provide job oriented courses for electronics engineers and vocational training to the youth of today, chiseling them to carve a bright career in the electronics world. Employment requirements of practically skilled electronics engineers are in great demand with all the national & multinational companies in India & all over the globe. Being the pioneer in its field CDS has flourished by devising methodologies and techniques along with generating solutions for Micro Electronic development and troubleshooting processes. CDS is one of India’s oldest leading companies conducting various courses in electronics. We also conduct  seminars, workshops all over India and abroad into various field of electronics, microcontrollers, robotics, sensors technology, PCB Design, soldering techniques, using of advanced diagnostic tools under the highly qualified and experienced Mentor Mr. Sandip Golani, an array of talented students are successfully serving up in their electronics career ladders globally today. We organize long term and annual multi session programs where people from different parts of the world participate. CDS family welcomes you whole-heartedly to visit us once before finalizing your decision of stepping into the world of electronics training and experience the outstanding Mentor (Guru), the spares, the gadgets and instruments we use, the step by step hands-on learning of electronics and experience the excitement in developing & troubleshooting practical electronics projects.

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        CDS Courses


                           Course Name                                                                                               Duration                       Hours / Day                    Course Fees 

Practical Soldering (PTH + SMD)                                                                                       4 Days                                 2                                   Rs.  5000/-

Schematic Design / PCB Design / Gerber Creation Using Eagle / KiCad                    8 Days                                 2                                   Rs. 15000/-

Electronics Troubleshooting Techniques Using Advanced Tools                                  8 Days                                 2                                  Rs. 15000/-

Sensors and Microcontrollers Arduino                                                                             15 Days                                3                                  Rs. 25000/-

Embedded System Using Atmel 8051/52                                                                        15 Days                                3                                  Rs. 25000/-

Electronics Circuit Building                                                                                                 10 Days                               2                                   Rs. 20000/-

Practical Robotics + Mechatronics                                                                                   15 Days                                3                                   Rs. 25000/-

Internet Of Things (IoT) Using Arduino                                                                             15 Days                               3                                   Rs. 25000/

Internet Of Things (IoT) Using Raspberry Pi                                                                     15 Days                               3                                  Rs. 35000/- 


  • All our courses are conducted one to one bases or maximum to of two students.
  • Booking of any course have to be at least 10 days prior to starting date of class, with full fees.
  • The class will not start until full course fees is clear.
  • Group booking has a discount of 10% to all the candidates.
  • No cancellation of course is possible once booked / nor fees refunded is possible
  • All payment can be made through Cash, PayTm or Bank Transfer only

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